Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 27 - Bathtime

27th January 2013

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for a bath. It's not quite the same as it was. For one, there was no pre-bath hardboiledeggchoppedupinabowl (one word), no Michael Palin viewing, I didn't pour so many toys in with me that the water rattled, or pretend to be a puppy when I got out.

Now baths are a much more relaxing affair...I had bubbles, candles, tea, kindle and a cupcake. I was shattered today after expending all my energy wandering around town with Gemma and and further diminishing any reserves I had by popping into town to try and find costume constituents. Who'da thunk it would be so difficult to get a red skirt. What costume? Wait and see. Potentially. If I find a red skirt. Dismissing the red skirt issue, I was so exhausted a shower would just not suffice. It had to be a long, hot bath.

I've missed baths. When I was younger Mum and Dad replaced the bath and shower with just a shower. Don't get me wrong, it's a damn good shower, complicated to work as all good showers are. But a shower's just no bath is it? Eventually they put a little jacuzzi bath back in, which is good, but I'm kinda long. Then at uni there was no bath. Again, I was incredibly lucky to have an en suite my whole way through, but's just not the same. Can't relax in a shower with the lights off really. More scary.

Once I moved to London I had the dream. To look at our bathroom it doesn't seem much. In fact at the moment it looks bad. I walked past the loo seat earlier and banged it with my knee. One of the hinges came off. Now going to the toilet involves gripping the seat before sitting down if you wish to stay sat on the lavatory. But, despite this and the tiles falling off the wall and broken toilet roll holder and light that sometimes needs a bit more encouragement to turn on...the shower is brilliant and there is a bath. A lovely bath.

Today I did the 'grown up' thing and had my tea (decaf, I'm not that wild), candles, and book. Maybe soon I'll get some Alphabet letters and a Rub-a-Dub Doggie and eat some hardboiledeggchoppedupinabowl...I'll let you know how the flatmates react when I start pretending to be a puppy.




  1. Another great week of essayets, thanks Stephie!

  2. oh my god I totally had that rub-a-dub doggie thing! HA!


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