Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 17 - RSVP

January 17th 2013

"I can promise you, pretty one, champagne fountains and ice sculpted swans...."

RVSP to the event of the year right here.

My darling Ally is getting married in September, and Maid of Honour here is now officially going. As if there was really any question. Ally and I have had planned that we would be each other's maids of honour whenever such a time as one was needed since we were about...15? Which was around when we met. When I found out that it would actually be actually happening, at the same time as feeling unbelievably happy for her, I felt scarily grown up. As if someone I know is getting married! Who is not all grown up and such! Because Ally is so definitely not grown up. Quite literally. I've heard she sleeps under a flannel.

We met at Spotlites, where I met a good deal of awesome people and friends. We bonded at the bus stop after school, when Ally comforted me over something awful no doubt, and soon after I was getting off the bus two stops later to spend more time with her and take a longer walk home. One of the steadfast elements of our relationship has been house raids, when Ally would appear at my house in the afternoon and we would drink J2O and eat mild curry supernoodles. This is still mainly the plan whenever we see each other, we rarely deviate. Visits are still referred to as House Raids and if J2O and noodles aren't already in stock they soon are.

I don't get to see Ally much these days, which makes me sad. Ally lives in stupid Manchester all the stupid way up there, we have been trying to plan a visit soon and life keeps being annoying and not letting us. Whilst it is so utterly rubbish that I don't get to see her, when I do see her I am reminded even more of why we are such good friends. Despite the horrendously long time apart between seeing each other, when we do see each other it's instantly like no time has passed, I find I can't think of anything to tell her because in my brain she already knows every little thing because she is so ingrained into that brain.

Going to her wedding will be one of the best days of my life, she's going to absolutely rock that bright orange with green neon polka dots dress and look like the most beautiful dayglo princess you ever did see. Which reminds waterproof mascara. Not just because of the light reflected off the dress.

Love you SO much Gorgeous Aloo!

Super Semy

"But I love you you you, (I really really love you) I love you you you (I proper badly love you), I love you you you (I forgot to say I love you), I love you you you (yes, I really really love you), I love you...just like I love myself"

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