Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2 - Postman's Park

Here is the photo from 2nd January 2013.

Working in a school, I still have a few days off before I return to work. I know that once that happens I'll find it less easy to gather the energy to go somewhere to take some photos. So, I am determined that these few days I shall do something interesting, go somewhere outside of the flat, move. 

With the energy only found at the beginning of the year, I set out today without an umbrella, as my housemate had assured me that precipitation would not be an issue. I got off the tube, it was raining. A dash into the nearest shop followed, Accessorize, and I am now the proud owner of a colour change umbrella! It's got a white silhouette of some London sights on it, that colour in as it rains. I'm sure it's pretty, but I unfortunately miss the sight as I am sheltering under aforementioned umbrella.

I was heading to Postman's Park, a tiny park tucked away in the City of London. I'd first heard of it after reading this blog post, on the Take Courage Blog. I've been enjoying Take Courage for a long time, and am rather pleased that I started reading it and found this little gem.

The park itself is pretty standard, bit of a fountain, bit of grass, bench or two. What makes it special is the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. There is a sheltered area of the park, with 54 memorial tablets remembering those who gave their own lives to save others, the idea of George Frederic Watts, unveiled in 1900.

Walking along and reading each plaque, I felt that the gap in time was closed a little. Learning about each act of love and humanity made me realise how skewed my own perception of Victorian Britain is. I've been thinking about this most of the day. It has been surprisingly difficult to put into words what I mean, so you're going to have to fill that part in yourselves I'm afraid.

The little tableau this plaque draws to mind is the reason this is my photo for the day. It's difficult to envisage a dying 11 year old saying the quote at the bottom, but it doesn't really matter if he did or not. He saved the life of his little brother, something much more worthwhile I'd say.

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