Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 18 - Wellies

January 18th 2013

As if today's post would be about anything other than snow. 

Woke up this morning, wrapped myself up ready for the day, considered driving in, trashed that idea cause I'd had to drive in the snow on the way back, wrapped up further and set off. It wasn't snowy then, but it was unbelievably cold. I realised about two thirds of the way through the walk to work that I couldn't feel half my right thumb. About five sixths of the way through I realised I could feel it again but it was very very warm. It wasn't until I got into work that I discovered I hadn't be able to feel my chin, but hey, when can you?

Almost as soon as I arrived the snow started. The kids came in and told me one by one "Miss, it's SNOWING!!" and I heard this throughout the rest of the morning. It settled pretty quickly, and was enough by 10:30 for the kids to be wrapped up and taken outside to have a quick play before their excitement completely engulfed them. The children in the afternoon didn't get the chance so they were a bit more mental than usual, but they're incredibly amusing anyway, so s'all good. We didn't shut early, but parents could pick them up if the so wished, so though our day ended slowly it actually ended up finishing bang on time as it happens.

After a tidy and decompression I wrapped myself up and whacked the wellies on for the walk home. The pavements hadn't been cleared so it was a little scary given my past of making frequent trips to the floor, I walked on whatever snow hadn't already been crunched. This was partly an attempt to prevent slippage, but mostly it was good old fashioned fun. I got to the shops without slipping, booyah, and proceeded to buy some milk, bread, cookies and brioches. The milk I knew we didn't need, but imagine running out?? The bread I knew we did need, and I fancied marmite on toast (I got that gold marmite, I didn't need more marmite but I definitely needed the marmite I used to be sparkly). Cookies looked delicious and I'm having a bit of a love affair with brioches at the moment. Tasty. 

Now I'm inside once more, I'm in my pyjamas and looking forward to having some wine. I don't have to go out tomorrow so I probably won't. I'm hoping that there is not so much snow that my cake plans with Gemma aren't scuppered on Sunday, but enough after that that there is a snow day. One can but dream.

I'll try not to have anything overly snowy tomorrow. But if I do, them's the snaps.



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