Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 24 - Smores

26th January 2013

Now that Zuzi, Bex and I are all in London we've been trying to make sure that we don't fall into never seeing each other because it's so easy. So now we're taking turns and cooking each other meals every week or so.

I'm loving it. There's good food, nice wine and some standard friends. Alright, pretty ok I guess friends. This week's delightful dinner was a delicious butternut squash curry followed by some wonderful haagen daz and smores. Well, an english approximation of smores. Flumps and chocolate digestives. The flumps were lovingly toasted by Zuzi on a real and genuine open fire.

I met these two at uni, we were all put in our little flat together. They are just the brilliantest. I have so many utterly fantastic memories of these two. One of my favourites is a night where we sang Elephant Love Medley, jumping from chair to chair in the flat every time the singer changed. This was always our song of choice as we discovered it was the only one we all definitely knew all the words to. It might still be the case. After the singing stopped someone (maybe me) suggested we trying and spin for an entire song and see how dizzy we got. It was fairly dizzy. As soon as I stopped I ran straight into a wall, Zuzi did something to herself that required deep heat across her back the next day....which is a story for another time I think.

They are adorable and hilarious and lovely and I love them with my heart. Extra lots. Three hours of tube journey lots. The journey to Leytonstone takes an hour from Ealing...only one tube, but a bloody long tube. On Thursday there were signal failures and terminating tubes and stopping and starting making my journey an extra hour longer. Blah. I was SO ready for my glass of wine by the time I arrived. Didn't ever think of just going home though, these two are too special.


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