Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 13 - 8 Bit Lane

January 13th 2013

Today, feeling delicate following last night's unexpected frivolities, I headed over to Brick Lane with Bex and Lynsey. The latter had informed me yesterday that it was decorated with some 8 bit art, and I might find a good photo for the day there, and I did. I've decided that the pigeons are my 'official' photo of the day, but I've included a few of the others because I enjoy them.

It was not easy to dress and leave the house I can tell you. My cure awaited me at the other end, a quarter pounder with cheese and a big coke, and this propelled me onwards. I'm glad I went, there were fun things to look at. It was ABSOLUTELY freezing though, and the hunt for a cash machine took so long that the cake it was planned for was sold out by the time we got back. Boo. We got a different cake, but it was a poor disappointment. Such is life. Much like your dinner will always arrive last, the cake you want will always sell out by the time you have the cash.

Lynsey headed home, and Bex and I found a café for a warming drink. It wasn't that great, I'm not gonna lie. My fudge hot chocolate is way better. It got late, we headed home. Definitely need to do some more wandering around Brick Lane in the future, it's an interesting place...

 There were a lot of tourists who were fun to take pictures of.

Lovely doggy.

Moments after this picture was taken they were told off for sitting on the tree. Silly people.

I enjoy this. I tried to get it into a vague rectangle like an actual game of actual Tetris, but it annoys me that more are falling before the first has landed like in aforementioned actual game. I know otherwise it would just be one block but that's just the way it makes me feel, alright?

This was almost my favourite, so I've saved it for last to make it like Bisto.

Nearly two weeks done, and I'm not bored yet! Yay! I am poor though, so less interesting photos for a little while I fear.

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