Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day 57 - Chalk

26th February 2013

After another long day fighting this cough and finding myself counting down the days until the Easter holidays (only 4 more Mondays and 3 more Fridays people!) when I got home I had to settle down for a little bit before doing anything useful. I got into pyjamas and watched a bit of Charmed whilst having a mooch round the interwebs. I snuggled myself right under my duvet, arms trapped by laptop, I was super cosy. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a vulnerable position, the laptop tilted forward and whacked me right in the face. I now have a lovely little red line under my nose. Could be worse, I had visions of an enormous bruise.

Speaking of which - why are girls so proud of bruises? I was an avid listener of the Dave Gorman Absolute podcast, and in one episode they were discussing a bruise that Danielle Ward was showing off and how girls will do exactly that with a bad bruise. It's like a trophy, proving that we too hurt ourselves and are so over it we can show everyone. As a result of spectacularly falling off a bike in Paris last week I now have some fantastic ones blooming over my calves. Brilliant purple and yellow and green ones. I keep finding myself showing Samantha how they are 'progressing' and I'm not sure why. It's a little bit hypnotic looking at how my skin is suddenly such a peculiar shade and knowing it's completely normal.

Moving on. After my altercation with the laptop I decided to run myself a bath and have a relax. I sent a message to the housemates to warn them that I was planning a long soak and if they were in need of the loo they should tell me to wait until they got home. I'm so thoughtful like that. Although, I actually worded it "I'm gonna get into a long bath, reply soon for me to wait so you can use the loo or forever hold your PEEace." Thoughtful AND witty. I'm a catch.

Neither had an issue with me commandeering the bathroom, so I made myself a Chai latte and got into a steaming bath with my kindle and some candles. It was brilliant. Could have fallen asleep in there. Reluctantly I pulled myself out and back into some fresh new pyjamas.

I had a hankering to do some drawing, I wanted to have a go at that grave sculpture from Père Lachaise. This is what has themed my photo today. I prefer using chalk and charcoal, I have since A-level. Sadly, I can only draw things that are actually there, I can't do that pulling it from my imagination drawing that so many people I know can do so well. Wish I could do it. Particularly tonight. Nothing seemed to want to work for me tonight, I attempted the sculpture and then a new picture of Keira to no avail. I ended up doodling, and not in a fun way that some people can, I found myself drawing a load of those pointy S-es that you draw with the 6 lines? You know? You covered your homework diary in them at some point, I was lucky enough to be able to include it in my name.

I really enjoy drawing, I keep meaning to go and do some more life drawing sessions, I've enjoyed them in the past. Maybe I'll go at some point this year. Samantha has been going to them on and off and I've meant to join her a number of times, but life did that thing it does and stopped me.


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