Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 34 - Safety first

3rd February 2013

How many people reading this are itching to turn this off? I bet I know at least three, two Murphys and a Wright.

I can't bear seeing switches left on with nothing plugged into it. It's hardwired into my brain that it is dangerous; I've turned them off all over the place, surreptitiously in pubs and hotels and with a cry at friends' houses. I noticed this one today and was just about able to repress the urge until I had my camera.

This stems from a sense of over cautiousness I've inherited from my mother, who in turn got it from her mother. It's a helpful little heirloom, if distressing at times. My brother and sister are sufferers too. It's particularly prevalent in the case of children who may about to be possibly in a dangerous situation if certain factors all came to pass at the same time. "Is anybody watching that child?" is our sadly all too constant refrain. I've been sitting on trains and watched children hanging from the rail and seeing, oh so clearly, how the train will jolt and they will fall at the wrong moment of a swing and not only will they hurt themselves but everyone else. I mentioned after watching Life of Pi how I have a thing about sharks, well I also have a similar thing about bridges. I am really uncomfortable crossing bridges, however as this is something I'm never going to be able to avoid I'm a lot more able to cope than I am with the shark thing. But on so many occasions when I am already bracing myself to cross a bridge I am further hampered by seeing children just running across without a care in the world...can't they see how low that barrier is between them and the river? Can't their parents?! It is my personal opinion that reins should be obligatory for children until the age of 18. It's just good sense.

After my harrowing experience this afternoon it's time to sit back with a cup of tea. The washing machine is going and soon enough I'm going to have to endure the further horror or ironing. Groan.

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  1. ... Ironing .... Now that deserves a picture !! X


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