Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 216 - Créme Brûlée

7th August 2013

I adore créme brûlée entirely. It is one of the only puddings that will dissuade me from chocolate. I love how the sugar melts and becomes a sugary ice rink over the top, and because of the torch have just been used, the very top of the créme is slightly warm, giving way to the cool pudding underneath it. It makes me vastly happy to crack the sugar sheet. It's a joy I take such great pleasure in as it's something so rarely available.

Keep this in mind.

Nich, Naomi, and I decided to go for some food together. Originally we had thought we'd go to The Haven Arms, and go we indeed did. We had a drink, had a sit, and had internal debates about whether we fancied that food or not. After some time we decided that, beautiful as the burger is, we did not want it right then. Instead, we took the opportunity to go to Pizza On The Green. I remember walking past this place the very first time I came to look at the flat and thinking I'd like to try it. I finally have, woohoo!

It was lovely. We shared a bottle of wine, I forget the name, but it was perfectly acceptable. Nich and Naomi shared some garlic bread with their dinner, a pizza and goat's cheese salad respectively. Both looked exceedingly tasty, though only looked in Naomi's case as I can't stand goat's cheese. I had a carbonara, which was wonderful, with some dough balls. They were fantastic as well, though I was quite jealous of the garlic bread.

I wasn't planning on getting anything for dessert, until you know what appeared on the menu. Naomi and I were unable to resist and ordered with great glee.

I was so sad. The saddest of the sads. The saddest sad that ever was sad. Not happy.

My créme brûlée came, not even mildly brûlée'd. It looked like the torch had been whisked over the sugar for barely a second, enough to let it sweat a little, but certainly not melt into a sheet. I could not crack the top even a little bit. This was such a disappointment, having that slightly burnt sugar taste is so integral to créme brûlée, not just having sugar sprinkled over the top. The créme itself was delicious, but without the sugar shards imbedded in it, it was just not the same.

I didn't stop talking about it for a few days. Still not entirely sure I have.



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