Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 208 - Prime Numbers

30th July 2013

I've got myself a habit of buying a babygro as my first gift to a new nibling, and it usually coincides with something I've been up to at the time. Joe's was bought in Paris, where I was just before he was born. Ruthie's was baby logic, bought as I was taking my digital media degree and learning abut coding. Susie's said "Hi, I'm a Mac" on a plain white babygro - no prizes for guessing where I was working at the time. Keira's slightly diverges from this, but it is still entirely apt.

My Grandad loved prime numbers. He did all sorts of things throughout his life, one of which was working as a Maths teacher at what was at the time my cousin and brother's school, later to be mine. He wanted to figure out an equation for finding prime numbers. He didn't get there, but I'm sure he'd have loved this.

To ensure we felt sufficiently summery I bought some coke in glass bottles. Envy one loves coke in glass bottles.



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