Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 232 - Blogging

23rd August 2013

Those of you who follow the blog on a more regular basis will have noticed something. That something is that the number and regularity of posts has gone up rather dramatically.

Now that I am back at home and being less distracted by people sat opposite me on the sofa tempting me to go to the pub, I am able to catch up with the horrendous backlog. I can sit down and bash my way through a large number of posts a day. I don't doubt for a second the huge number of typos there must be in all those posts, but I'll correct them another time....not until my post debt is cleared. At the time of writing I am only 4 days behind...with a good effort I might even be able to clear it tonight! Wahoo!! As long as it is cleared by Canada, I will be happy. I will still write, but hopefully without having to remember too far in the past.

This has been my view for the past week or so. I'm in the home stretch!

As a treat, because you've been so good, you get another adorable video. Don't say I never give you anything.





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