Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 189 - Exercise thingy

10th July 2013

I really enjoy this thing. I picked it up at TKMaxx the day I was put in plaster, so unfortunately my first few weeks were ruled out as my arm was particularly weak for awhile after the cast was removed. This day was the first time I was going to give it a go.

It was tiring, but in an awesome way. I could feel all these different muscles working, and it was different enough to keep me going for longer than I had imagined I would. As it happened, I went for much longer than I really should have. When I got to a point where I actually started tiring out I noticed that whilst my left arm was shaking in a "feeling that a bit now" kind of way, my right arm was shaking so much you could be forgiven for thinking I was waving at you. It was unlike anything I'd ever had before, really quite a peculiar feeling. 

Later in the evening I started to really regret not pacing myself more. My arm ached and I was getting twinges in my hand again. Over the next couple of days it was really painful and stiff, and I basically ruled out doing anything again for a little while. 

I've since learned that my wrist and hand are just not able to cope like they were before. I've used this a few more times, but for much shorter periods and putting less stress on my arm. It's not great. Zesting a lime the other day was enough to set it off. 

Hopefully it's still just weak from the cast and not having worked it back into use properly. 




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