Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 171 – Perks

21st June 2013

Usually when I head home for the weekend I drive into school in the morning and drive straight back to Kent after I leave. Normally this means I have at least an hour extra added to my journey, because travelling on the m25 on a Friday is never a good thing. 

However, incapacitated as I was, I had to get the train down this time. Being so achey, tired, and sore, I decided that getting the high speed train from St. Pancras was the only acceptable option to me. It's more expensive, but it's easier to get to, the train is so much nicer, and a lot emptier than the other trains heading south. 

I got myself a coffee before I bought my ticket as I was absolutely gershmackered and didn't have much confidence in staying awake after I sat down. This was not my most sensible plan in the world, as then I had to navigate the ticket window and paying with one hand. The people in the queue behind me and the woman in the ticket booth seemed to have decided to ignore the fact that I was in plaster and clearly trying to be as quick as I could, and peppered the air with their tuts and sighs and general noises of consternation. I made sure to be madly apologetic to them and highlight the arm just to remind them that they are terrible people. Don't look at me like that, they needed to know. 

Finally installed in my seat I was able to sit back and relax with my kindle for the extra swift 30 minute journey back to Chatham. There I was picked up by mum and head back up the road to home. 

That evening we were joined by the babies and mum made one of my favourite dinners ever, golden baked chicken. Best part of being in plaster so far has been having my food chopped up for me. Do no underestimate how amazing this is people. At one point I asked if I could have a sausage and my sister said "Here, I had chopped this up for Susie, but you can have it" Ha! Have that 2 year old niece! 

In all seriousness, someone needs to make this happen. Someone open a restaurant where the quirk is that someone chops your food up for you because I am all over that. 



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