Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 198 - iPad

20th July 2013

So....I got an iPad. 

I had considered getting one a few months ago, instead of upgrading all the various parts of my laptop. It was still more expensive to get the iPad, so I decided not to. Then this week Orange called me and asked if I wanted one, which rekindled that idea. Originally I said yes to Orange, figuring I'd spread the cost of it, even if I wasn't using the 3G whilst I was away. 

However, after a little while I decided that it was just too much more money to do it that way, and I would just get an iPad. I had considered it some more, and carrying an iPad with me is so so so much easier than lugging my laptop. I love my MacBook, but it's a hefty thing to shift. With an iPad I could carry it with me wherever I went, and not have to worry about leaving it behind at hostels etc. 

So I went for it. Got myself an iPad Mini, and I adore it. 

After buying it, I head over to Clapham with Samantha and Clare for yet another viewing of Death Ship 666! I told you I loved that show, and I don't think any of you really took me as seriously as you should have. 

Before going into the theatre we got a drink in a nearby pub, where I became the person I'd loathed in a former life. I became the person who takes 'funny' photos with photobooth. Oh good grief, the shame! As if I'm that guy! But...let's be honest here:

This happened. And I don't think we can negate that. 

We hugely enjoyed the show - sweating immensely, such sympathy for the cast - and went to the pub downstairs to have a drink afterwards. Here the landlady seemed to have the worst grasp on how to treat people who are paying for things in your establishment ever. After barking at us that we needed to move inside cause the garden was closing, we were again tapped at barely ten minutes later that we needed to leave because it was closed. There was a large group of us there, some people clearly exhausted from performing in a sweatbox. Alright, I don't live in Clapham, and probably wouldn't have gone back there anyway. But I might have! Now I won't! Have that woman! 

Looking to continue our drinks, Samantha, Clare, and I went in search of another pub. We came upon the same problem Nich and I had a couple of months ago - apparently pubs just can't be bothered with youths. There were more clubby type bars that none of us were over inclined to visit, and after managing just one more drink we decided to head for home. This was a lot of effort, we'd missed the last easier bus route home and spent a long time figuring out another way. As a last resort at looked up if there were still any trains running. 

Seconds later we were running for dear life down Clapham Junction looking for our junction. If it hadn't been delayed by a minute we'd have missed it. Only time you can be happy about delays. We got off somewhere random and got another direct bus back to Ealing, something that went through Kingston. Bleagh. 

Home at last and having said goodnight, I went into my room about to change for bed. That's when my nose decided to burst forth into a nosebleed, the third of the past 10 days. I sat on the loo chatting to Samantha and clutching toilet paper to my face for some time before it deigned to cease. 

Never think my life is anything short if non stop action. 



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