Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 233 - Chocolate

24th August 2013

Happy Days! Today I was able to go and meet miss Samantha Flood back from her travels, and listen to her jet lagged ramblings of a madwoman.

I collected her in absolute driving rain, and we set off up for a wander round Bluewater. In nicer weather I'd have opted for Rochester or Maidstone, but this time we were rather limited. After arriving our first, almost immediate, stop was at Hotel Chocolat. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I adore this place. We went in talking about how we wouldn't be buying anything as, though it was delicious, it was far too expensive. Then we noticed a sale. I accidentally bought a lot of chocolate. In my defence, that chocolate has been shared over my family, and a fair amount still exists, so ha.

The rest of the time we spent looping the shops, chatting, without realising that we had come full circle. Eventually we decided that we needed to stop for a drink, where I was infuriated beyond belief by someone seeing me stood waiting next to a booth for it to be cleared so I could sit down, slipped round behind the other way and sitting down before I could. If looks could kill I would be in jail right now. My goodness, when did people turn into such utter gits?

After much talking, we decided to head home, via HMV for a DVD and my new car cd. It was raining hard when we left, so we dashed across the car park huddled under an umbrella. It was to get so much worse. At one point on the motorway the skies were more thunderous than my face was at the woman who sat in my spot (it's just not British damn it!) and all cars were slowed down to at most 40, I couldn't see a thing...it was one of those moments where you curse the fact that your wipers don't go up another notch. Just as I was contemplating coming off the motorway in order to be able to deal with the weather a little easier, it stopped. The rest of the drive was only slight drizzle. Madness.

Very much looking forward to next Friday, being back in London with the lovely Miss Flood for a belated birthday celebration!




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