Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 182 - Harry Potter

2nd July 2013

Right people, if we're gonna be friendship you're going to have to learn this about me. I am a massive Harry Potter person. Like...huge. Not so into the films, but I can read the books till the cows come home, I adore them. My cat was called Potter. She was beautiful in every way. Last summer I retread them all in order, I'm usually more of a dip in a pond out of whatever one is closest kinda gal, whilst listening to Deathly Hallows in the car on whatever trips I took. Stephen Fry has the best voice in the universe.

My mum gave me the first book when I was in year 6 (about 10/11) and asked me to read it to see if it was any good to read to her (and therefore *my*) class. I remember putting it off for ages because I thought it was about trains. I finally picked it up and looked at the back, saw a wizard and read the blurb, and my life changed forever.

Since then it has become a standard part of my life when I am eating rolls for Saturday lunch, I have the urge to find Harry Potter as that's when my main reading time was as a child. Now if I read Harry Potter, I want rolls, and if I am eating rolls, I want Harry Potter. Once I had been reading Prisoner of Azkaban all evening whilst on holiday. I went to sleep, and woke up later feeling awful. I have a tendency to hallucinate when I'm going to be sick...and this was no different. Convinced that magic could save me, I was saying every spell I could think of and waving my imaginary wand to match. I remember thinking I'd really cracked it by saying "Lumos" and then crucially, "Nox". I hadn't. Shortly afterwards I was vomiting. But, imagine if I'd had the guts to use an unforgivable curse, eh? Phew.

Recently, I decided I needed more Potter in my life. I had bought these limited edition Red Nose Day books when they came out in the shops, but they had never grabbed me. I saw them going cheap on the Kindle store a little while ago, and gave them another go. Loved it. Loved it so much.

I know a lot of people would say that Harry Potter would be their specialist subject on Mastermind, but me oh my, wouldn't I ever rock that round.



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