Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 197 - Organ Trail

19th July 2013

Determined to make the most of the first day of my immense time off I.......slept late, bought two vases and spent hours playing Organ Trail.

This is a zombie game. You give names to your characters and do all sorts of yes no questions and see if you survive. Naomi and I played together, naming all our characters after ourselves, resulting in names such as Staomi, Naph, Fleurine, Murpholton and something else that I forget. 

Fleurine was a dead weight. She kept catching typhoid and breaking her whilst sitting perfectly still in a car. We put up with her for awhile. Soon though, it became apparent that she was just weighing us down and using up valuable food and medikits. We shot her. 

Later in the evening Lynsey and I head into Shepherd's Bush to meet some of my old work friends for a leaving do (read: pub). Hilarious evening with some people who always make me feel very loved. 

Worthwhile first day off I think. Yes. Well done me. Start as I mean to go on.



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