Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 211 - Meat Meet

2nd August 2013

There are some friends I get to see so rarely that when we do manage to get together it needs a name. This was the Meat Meet. 

We are huge fans of Bodean's, and always intend to go for a meal together there when we see each ther, but almost every time it's too fully booked and we never get numbers in time. This time we were on the ball. We decided on a number and booked a table 3 weeks before the day. This was still not ideal, wee had to wait until 9:45 before we could eat. 

We met for a few drinks beforehand, trying to find as many happy hours as we could. At one point we ended up in a Vodka Revolution, which had a happy hour on. Fantastic. Queuing at the bar for 30 minutes...not so great. Cheap cocktails - alright. I've had better. 

I didn't like ribs before I went to Bodean's. Now I can demolish a whole rack pretty swiftly. 

Standard Lewis. 

This is Ben accepting an award. Look at the emotion. It's pure. 

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