Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 187 - Birthday Meal

9th July 2013

It's Samantha's birthday!!! Woo!!! 

As such, rather than drag her to London as we do all the time, we went for dinner in Reading. We went to Las Iguanas, which I used to enjoy on a fairly regular basis at uni as you got a free meal on your birthday, and they had a decent selection of cocktails and an appealing Happy Hour. Being a school night 'n' all, I had some cocktails but did not indulge as one might do on a Friday. 

I headed there fairly soon after school, had a small wander in the Oracle, and sat reading in the amphitheatre type thing for the birthday girl. Now, tell me if I'm being silly here, I called it a scoop. Is this something I made up in my own head as a thing, or is she an uncultired swine? Either way, we found each other and went to the bar. 

I had for some reason decided not to bring my camera, and I'm not sure what it was. Luckily for me, Samantha had her camera and I was able to commandeer it for a photo. 

Highly enjoyable meal, which ended up being ridiculously cheap due to some discount or other. Being the efficient lass she is, Flood had made her own birthday cake - and it was godly. I wish I had considered this when I ordered my meal because when the time came for cake I was utterly full to the gills. I managed to cram some in. I'm not a fool. 

I really really really enjoyed my evening, even the mad dash across Reading Station to catch our train. It made me sad about having lost this housemate, though she is very good at turning up in London and being entertaining. I'm hoping to convince her to come and see me in Canada, how awesome would that be?!

I would also like to leave you with another photo. This one I took earlier in the day of a book I had been reading to some kids at school. 

That is definitely a thing. 



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