Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 219 - Kirsty's Birthday

10th August 2013

Today is not only my lovely Mum's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!! - but it is also the delightful Kirsty's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTY!!

Now I rarely see Kirsty on the day of her birthday due to this conflict, most often a family holiday is taken so that we are away for Mum's birthday. This year however, Mum and Dad have taken themselves off on a holiday for two weeks in Harvey, their camper van. So I was able to join in the celebrations!

A such celebrations. Kirsty booked us in to Go Ape at Leeds Castle. I certainly didn't want to risk my SLR around the park, and had planned to just take my phone. However, my pocked didn't zip and there was no way of attaching a lanyard to keep it on my, so I had to leave it behind. Boo. 

It was hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. I flitted between loving the fact I was there, and cursing Kirsty and her stupid ideas who wants to spend an afternoon trying not to kill themselves?! It's ok, she felt the same way. I heard her once, echoing through the trees "WHOSE STUPID IDEA WAS THIS?!" 

For those not acquainted with the idea of Go Ape, you re strapped into a harness for the day, taught how to safely attach yourself to the various pulleys etc., and go off through a few sites in the trees. You climb up and then between them via various methods, Tarzan swings, bridges, zip lines. You don't strictly need a huge amount of strength, because you're held safely by your harness, but it's very easy to forget that part. I ached for two days afterwards.

That evening a group of us went out for a few drinks, and ended up at Coyotes, a gay bar in Chatham. What sold us was them telling us it was a UV bubble party. I expected this to be UV lights and bubble. What it actually was was UV bubbles. This meant when they burst, you were covered in UV stuff, leading to the extremely amusing photos, making Kirsty and I look like something out of Avatar. 

Fun (petrifying) day and peculiar night. Yay for birthdays!



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