Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 218 - Breakfast


9th August 2013

Naomi and I decided to get up early and be all continental. 

First thing, we went to a new coffee shop that opened near Ealing Broadway. Well, I saw new, it had been there for awhile, but was recently re...what's the word? Not redecorated, fancier than that...refitted? Hmm. You'll have to tell me if you think you know what's going on in this brain of mine. Anyway, it was made bigger, airier, and a lot more inviting. We popped in, Naomi had tea, I had coffee. It was lovely...I felt very much like a grown up, getting up early to go and have coffee just because. 

We walked further into town afterwards, to buy some bread from a bakery for our breakfast. We had previously had some lovely cakes from the same place, and that's what started our idea for getting breakfast. We bought ourselves a baguette, picked up some strawberries on the way home and go ourselves back to the flat.

Once settled, out came the teapot and we settled ourselves down for a French breakfast with English tea. Sadly for us, we'd built the bread up a little in our heads...we expected it to be perfectly wonderful actual French bread. What it actually was was some pretty standard, nice enough, English bread. It would do. 

When in Paris last November I got into the habit of putting strawberries into my bread. My friends thought I was peculiar, but soon, with enough gentle prodding, realised the error of their ways. It's like the freshest, best jam you've ever had. With the slight sweetness of French bread and perfectly ripe strawberries, it's absolutely wonderful, and I suggest you try it at your earliest convenience.make sure you have butter in there too. Drool. 




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