Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 173 - Guildhall Museum

23rd June 2013

Seizing an opportunity to spend some time together whilst in Kent, Kirsty, Alison, and I met up (after arriving late to watch Alison finish a run...whoops) and took ourselves into Rochester for some food and a wander.

I didn't appreciate Rochester enough until left Medway. It's not till you tell other people about the castle and cathedral and so on that you realise it's a nice enough little place for a wander on a Sunday afternoon.

After getting food at Lorenzo's we ambled on up the street, having a peek in some little shops, wishing we had money to spend. We decided to take advantage of the free Guildhall museum. Whilst it was all very interesting, we had the slight drawback of being there together. It's very hard not to regress to being teenagers when I'm with these girls, and we all contracted a severe case of the giggles. The models in displays were all of that level of almost realness that we managed to entirely freak each other out by asking that eternal question "what if that guy moved?".

Being almost entirely alone in the museum meant we were able to do some rubbings aimed at children. Due to my temporary left handed persuasion my own efforts were slightly off. To make up for this I signed it and gave it to my mum and dad to put on the fridge. Which they did. WIN!

Days like this really make me look forward to being back here this summer. We'll all be poor and doing things as cheaply as possible, which in my experience lends itself nicely to having fun.

Bring on August!


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