Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 204 - Earl Grey Cupcakes

26th July 2013

Man. I just wrote all but the last bit of this post out, and realised two photos from a draft on my phone hasn't come across. I stopped, checked, and it hadn't updated - my checking prompted it into action. The action being - delete everything I wrote. Ack. 

Let's try again. 

After receiving a rather snazzy set of teacup shaped cupcake cases, I decided that the only right thing to do would be to make tea flavoured cakes. I wanted to try a few flavours, and decided to start with Earl Grey.

I found this Hummingbird recipe and set to work with high hopes, Hummingbird make excellent cakes. I loved using the iPad as my recipe book, I usually have my laptop or an actual book but they take up so much space and always end up covered in flour and whatnot. This was perfect. Win for the iPad.

Seeing as my speakers are a bit much to lug into the kitchen when I want to listen to music I use a mug or glass. It makes me love science. Playing is 'The Longest Time' by Billy Joel, a song I've had in my head since seeing this ending on How I Met Your Mother. 

Unsurprisingly my flowers are dying. It's very hot and being in the kitchen doesn't help. Still sad though.



The finished product doesn't look too good - the buttercream didn't hold together too well in the heat and just spread out the second I put it on the cakes. Shame. The cakes themselves tasted good but as there was Earl Grey in the cakes and the icing, it was a bit much. Definitely something I'd try again, but adapt the icing, maybe make it lemony. If I try it again, you'll be the first to know. Well, probably not the first. Amongst the first few for sure.

Ally arrived in the afternoon, ready for her Hen do tomorrow! We had a mini one this evening, with some prosecco and jungle speed. Highly amusing evening, with some strange topics of conversation...



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