Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 224 - Moving Day

15th August 2013

Look at it. All empty and such. Sniff. 

Oh. There it all is. All the stuff that there ever was. Oh my. 

My trusty suitcase just couldn't cope with the load and died. Goodbye old friend. 

With Naomi's help I managed to get all but a few bags into the car. Everything well and truly wedged in and a "I'll probably see you again before I go, so I won't say goodbye" later, I was off back home. 

Not too long later I pulled back up at Pogles. Home. Mum and Dad were still away on their holiday, so it was up to me to get everything in - and there are a lot of stairs from the drive to the house itself. Sigh. I only have a key for the back door so had to lug everything back and round. Triple sigh. I know I missed double is, but that's how much of a sigh it was. 

Everything finally in I collapsed on the sofa for a little while, before going round to see my sister and co., for dinner. Hugs and grins from Niblings are exactly what I needed today. 

Bubye Flat 8, I'll miss you!



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