Monday, 12 August 2013

Bouquet of Three Award

So apparently Nichola thinks enough of my sporadic posts to award them with something which is apparently called the Bouquet of Three Award. This makes me happy. If you've not read her blog continue with your eyes below to find out more about it and get the link. I've definitely linked to it before but just in case you've been foolish enough not to listen to me.

In turn I now am gonna hand some of these babies out myself. I am informed at there are some rules to be followed regarding this so I'll set it out nice and clearly should anyone wish to do this for themselves. 

Before I start properly, I'm using an app called Blogsy to post this. It seems ok, but I need you to let me know if things don't work properly or look right. I want to get something good working before I'm away from a computer! So far it doesn't seem to like change. Interesting. 

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog

Yay! Woo! Etc! 

2. Announce your win with a post. Link back as a thank you for the nomination, cause it's like Internet etiquette 'n that. 

Hey guys! Look what I won! Isn't it great? Once more, thanks Nichy pants, you loveable rascal.

3. Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers

Surprisingly, there aren't a whole lot of blogs that I follow. I spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet, but I'm generally more inclined to StumbleUpon and finding various blogs that way. Occasionally I will follow onwards, but I'm less inclined of late. 

However, there are some blogs I follow and highly recommend you do the same. I would imagine most people who have read this will know of most of these already, but as before, I'm gonna detail them all ice and clearly here so that you have it all in one handy place. I'm too good to you.

Nichola with an H - Well naturally. Nich originally started this blog just before she went to Paris, titled 'Single in Paris'. Of course, not an overly long time before moving there she became not so single in Paris, so the name changed. Now she details the things she does and places she goes, and adds some photos of me that are rarely the most flattering. I expect that to send you over there in droves. Go read it! 

Newlywed Niggles - The blog of an acquired Nichola friend, Shreena details incidents in her newlywed life in order to amuse us. She succeeds. As she is about the abandon us to start her Texan life with Krishna I'm sure there are going to be all sorts of hilarious situation comedy style mishaps hitting the web very soon. 

Take Courage - I have only Facebook to thank for this blog. I half knew Cat from primary school, and we became friends on Facebook a year or two ago. I saw her start posting links to her blog, and absolutely fell in love with it. Gorgeous pictures, fantastic style, and an eye for such things that makes me sit back and seethe with envy. She combines fashion with some wonderful crafty and thrifty ideas. Her jaunts around London have inspired me to make the most of the wonderful city I live in (for the moment!) and see the beauty of some spots of our shared home town that I would otherwise ignore. 

J Phoenix Flames - This is a blog detailing the adventures of a secret spy. He has lately had to change allegiances, so all sorts of adventures are sure to happen and I for one cannot wait to read about them all. There are rumours that this spy is my 7 year old nephew Joe, to which I say p'shaw. As if a 7 year old could be a spy, you're talking out of your crazy mouth you absolute foolish fool. 


The Unremarkable Days - A new addition to my current faves, I love reading about Jo and her family. She takes lovely photos and her writing style is extremely enjoyable.

Fluent in 3 months - A gift to me from StumbleUpon. Of late I have been changing my preferences to only show me travel pages. This fantastic blog has given me a lot of things to keep in mind whilst I'm away next month (eeep!) and is entertaining to boot. I nearly skipped on past it when I saw the name; I'd love to be fluent in 3 months in another language, but it wasn't something I was overly worried about for Canada. We all know my franglais is a thing of wonder. I'm so glad I took a longer second glance. 

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post


5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I HATE having to think of interesting things about myself. All it does is make me realise how entirely uninteresting I am. 

1. My default fact I use is not anything really to do with me. My Grandad was a super clever man and did all sorts of jobs, one of which was working with various teams developing paper products. Whilst this doesn't sound particularly interesting so far, it should blow your mind that one of these teams developed toilet paper and facial tissues. Mum has recalled to me stories of huge rolls of the stuff in the house as she grew up, as they were being developed. 

2. If my brother or I sit at a piano we will both play 'La Dispute' from the Amelie soundtrack. It's a fact. Feel free to use that to prove I'm me in an evil clone/robot situation.

3. I get really rather annoyed by people putting in too much effort when they sing when there's no need. Example - Never Mind The Buzzcocks. You know the intros round? When rather than just humming along like normal people they sing like they're performing to an arena. It's irrational, I know, if you can sing why not sing properly? But it just irritates me. Like...a lot. 

4. I made a bet with my sister that I would never become a teacher. I am holding out on paying up until I am qualified and have a class. Jen keeps insisting that I have imparted information to children who are calling me Miss Murphy, but I maintain that it is not my job title so therefore she has not won. 

5. If something I've eaten is going to make me sick, I start getting super focused on something I was doing that day and start hallucinating about how it could make me better. Example - was once reading Harry Potter before bed and became convinced that by casting the right spell I would feel ok. Another time I had been playing solitaire and saw a game in front of me and thought if I could complete it I would be ok. 

6. I am really into murder mysteries; I could happily sit and watch Alibi all day every day given the chance. I love Jessica Fletcher. 

7. I will always order the chocolate pudding on offer at a restaurant unless créme brûlée is on the menu, it is the only thing that knocks chocolate out of my mind. I discovered this week that if it is not perfectly brûlée'd to cracking perfection I will get mildly grumpy and not stop talking about it for some time.

Hope you've enjoyed reading all my not very interesting interesting facts, discovered a blog or two that you will take a gander at and liked my picture. I decided I didn't want to use the award as the photo, but it's not strictly a photo of the day post, so I improvised. 



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  1. I love murder mysteries too - I think I could possibly win Mastermind with my freakish knowledge of every Monk episode :/

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, I'm so glad it has inspired you to explore London! xx

  2. @Cat

    Oh it absolutely has! One of my first posts was about Postman's Park, directly as a result of your blog!


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