Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 215 - Hot Dog

6th August 2013

A staple favourite from when I was younger and camping with my family is frankfurters and mild curry super noodles. It's a fantastic combination, and I suggest you try it. I rarely partake now, as the choice for buying frankfurters is to buy 10 of the nicer kind in the pack that doesn't re-seal and have to try and eat them all in two days, or buy a jar of the mechanically recovered meat that is revolting and be able to keep them but not really want to. However this time I spotted a nicer pack with only 4 frankfurters, which is acceptable to me. Though they still kept me hostage for a lunchtime or two. I added a bun. It was beautiful. 

Tesco have been selling this Billionaire's Profiteroles lately, and they are beautiful. Absolutely amazing. The cream is caramel a world of no consequences I'd eat a ton of these quite happily. 



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