Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 226 - Siblings and Niblings

17th August 2013 

Late last night I was joined by Stu, Sara, and Keira. This morning I was up expecting a little girly to be well awake, but they were still having a relax in bed! P'shaw. 

Later on the rest of my siblings and niblings arrived, and we had our favourite, rolls, for lunch. Susie showed who rules the roost above, and was smitten with Keira's walker, trying to force Ruthie and Joe to give it a go. 

Keira loved being surrounded by all the children, and certainly enjoyed sitting next to her big cousin up at the table. Little cuties!

Later in the evening Keith went off for a gig, and the babies went to bed. Once all were settled I introduced Jen to Jungle Speed. It was a definite hit - though Stu's skills left something to be desired. After Jungle Speed we moved onto Taboo, deciding to eschew the board and official game, and just play happily to ourselves. Which meant drawing up a points sheet because this is NOT JUST A GAME. It's when we play taboo that I see the similarities between Dad and Stu in shocking clarity. And that clarity is hilarious.



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