Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 176 - All Aboard

26th June 2013

How terrible is it that I originally posted about Death Ship well over a month ago, and I'm only just now getting round to posting the photo for that actual day? Quite? Quite terrible? I think we can agree that it's quite, quite terrible.

You all already know about Death Ship, so I won't repeat everything. Suffice to say, it's doing spectacularly at Edinburgh, selling out and 5 star reviews all over the place. If you're still in Edinburgh, book yourself a ticket and get yourself along there before you realise what you've missed.

I feel slightly for this man. Before we got into the theatre for the show, I grabbed some soup (from Nincomsoup, a place I love not only for it's utterly brilliant name, but also its delicious mozzarella and tomato soup - particularly with a pretzel for dipping) and we sat down in the park adjacent to eat. Unfortunately for these men, we chose the bench right next to where they were playing. Well, I say unfortunately, they probably loved it, made them feel like they were at Wimbledon. We were enthusiastic observers.

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