Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 181 - Freedom!

1st July 2013

I'm free!!!

I'm out of the cast; only two weeks, but it felt like a lifetime. I had an appointment at the hospital in the morning to see if it had been a massive waste of time, turns out - yes.

The feeling when the nurse cut the blasted thing off me is something I will never be able to give real justice to. It was like the ultimate click in your back, the most satisfying scratch, the wee you have been dying for for the last two hours in a car journey on a motorway without services. It was, naturally, incredibly stiff, but even being able to wash my hand and arm was a joy. After this came a short wait for another x ray, which wasn't without its frustrations. Somehow my name had become Srephanie, which the original doctor had just thought was exotic, and the woman at x ray just saw as an annoyance that I wasn't happy for the to just be my name. After a short trip back into the enormous queue, that wonderful woman who had taken my cast off spotted me and sorted me out. Sweet.

X ray showed that there wasn't a fracture where they thought there was, or elsewhere. They didn't quite decide what had happened, and that has proved a slight problem since. It's not like it was, but I have had occasional troubles with my wrist, but nothing some ibuprofen and whacking on a support strap for a little while doesn't sort out.
My excitement wasn't over however. After seeing the doctor I had more paperwork to return to the desk and incredibly rude receptionist, via the enormoid queue. I stood there for a little while...then started feeling a bit hot. Then very hot. Then really quite extremely incredibly hot and nauseous. So, reluctantly, I removed myself and went to sit in the loo for a little while to calm myself down. I did, and returned. Further along in the queue, I fainted. Luckily for me, it was against the wall and only a slight head rushy kinda faint. I got myself together, handed in my things and went to get myself a tea and biscuit and have a little sit down.
This is something that has happened before, only when I am in a hospital as a not sick person. I remember visiting my Nana in hospital when I was a teenager and keeling over, and mum tells me I did the same after a blood test once, though that is more understandable and not that traumatising - my memory of the event is getting a glass of milk and a picture of Garfield to colour in. I wonder if my brain thought "ooh, you're ok now, time to freak out", because I was absolutely fine for the rest of the day, keeling over wise.
I got myself onto a bus and managed to navigate myself to work, gazing in wonderment at my hand as it opened and closed without restriction.
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