Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 230 - The Garden

 21st August 2013

As it is the summer holidays, we have my three oldest Niblings here for three days a week. I love it! Rather than go on endlessly about how fantastic they all are I'll just show you some photos, with some captions of sorts.

Above are the steps up to our top garden, the big open area we would always run around in. We have extremely chalky soil here, and finding a good chunk to draw with is the easiest thing in the world. I remember many an afternoon spent decorating these same steps. It's time the babies decided to colour them all in, Joe, ever the scientist, asking me for an estimate on how long it would take. 



This is Susie counting after she had hidden a bean bag. Rather than letting the others find it, she finished counting and found it herself. Cutest thing ever. 







I love how grown up Ruthie looks here. She's always playing with Susie and taking care of her, and you can really see that here. My little girly!!








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