Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 227 - Even more darlings

18th August 2013

I had most of a morning left with most of my wonderful family before they had to shoot off to their various important things. I took my opportunity to take some more photos of my lovely little ones.

I love how much of a little boy the photo above makes Joe look. He's so bright and so often comes out with questions that leave me stammering. He's a boy who will ask you the difficult thing and you k ow you can answer it, it's just thinking of the right words and comparisons that he will know. We spent awhile talking about Bargain Hunt the other day...I had to explain what an antique was, why people wanted them, what antique fairs were, what auctions were, and finally what a bargain was. You don't realise how difficult some of these concepts are until you explain them to a seven year old who will remember everything you say and hold it against you if you get it wrong. We had another conversation about university the other dy as well, it blew his mind that his grandad teaches people at a university. I love those moments. 

Keira is so like all her female cousins. Where Joe is quite serious, Ruthie, Susie, and now Keira are all so ready to laugh and smile with the slightest provocation. It's a true joy of being an auntie in seeing them all become their own people, with all their little similarities, and the tiny things they pick up from each of us. 

First is Keira, second is me. To my eye it's just the red edging on a bib, but I couldn't help but think of the second photo when I saw the first!

As tough as Joe likes to make himself out to be, he loves his sisters and adores Keira. Who adores him right back!

 Little Susie and Joe showing how similar they are...


Keira and her extra lovely Auntie Jen 

 Darling Rooster, who is nothing but smiles, couldn't have been happier having her cuddle with Keira.

 Just another way Susie is very much her brother's sister...

Love being an Auntie, and love my Niblings more than words can describe. Prepare yourself for lots more nibling photos later this week...



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