Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 183 - Advert

4th July 2013

How much did it break my heart to have to take this photo? Absolutely, that's how much.

Canada is now enough of a real thing that I have to advertise my room and get a replacement. I've lived in this flat for nearly three years, and I will miss it immensely...I've only managed to graduate from tiny room to big room this year, how can my time be up already?

What makes me sad is having to take down all the things that make the room me. The Canada map, my jewellery, all my tickets and postcards...all the clutter that some people hate make this room a place that I love.

Hopefully the person who will be in here from August will love it absolutely as much as I did, it deserves to go to someone who will love it. Sniff.



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