Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 170 - Decoration

20th June 2013

The kids decided it was time the cast was brightened up a little. However, as it was only the backslab it was held onto my arm with gauze-y kinda stuff and therefore not an optimum writing surface. They tried valiantly though, and one or two names were clear enough to be read, and there were one or two flowers drawn on for good measure.

So you've probably noticed I've changed the layout of the blog. Whilst I loved the look of the old one for displaying photos, it was ultimately a nightmare. Really hard to customise and the slightest thing seemed to throw it off kilter. Decided that as I am shortly to be parted from the laptop I can use to fix these things I would change to something that can handle it all a bit better. It's not as pretty, and I know it doesn't work as well with landscape photos, but this is something we will all have to come to terms with.




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