Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 167 - Bath and Bill

17th June 2013
Back to attempting to clear my horrendous backlog of posts. Have I mentioned I'm a terrible person? I feel like I have. But in case I haven't, I'm a terrible person and I apologise.
Here we have the perpetrator of the crime against my arm. I will never look at these fellas the same way again, and you can be certain that I will always triple check I have the right sized staples. Safety first kids.
That stapler scoundrel meant this step had to be taken in order to wash myself. As our shower has a solid curtain/wall/thing I couldn't be sure I could keep the cast dry, so this meant two weeks of baths. Now I love me a bath, don't think I don't, not even for one second. But it's not an efficient means of cleaning oneself in a rush, and particularly not with one arm out of action.

Making me feel much better about the whole thing was an impromptu Bill Bailey show. I'd been sent a message saying there were £5 tickets to the recording of his current tour, and I was all over that in a heartbeat. There was a moment when I thought I would be attending alone, but happily for me Naomi, Clare and Tom stepped up and kept me company. Excellent night, as expected. Get the DVD when it comes out. You won't see us, but get it anyway.


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