Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 201 - World's End

23rd July 2013

Now, is it just me, or were we waiting for World's End forever? I feel like we knew about it for much longer than we usually know about films before release date. 

A group of us decided to partake of the final part of the cornetto trilogy at The Coronet in Notting Hill. I enjoy this cinema anyway, but the extra draw was the £3.50 tickets. That never happens anymore! 

I enjoyed the film. I didn't enjoy it like I had enjoyed Shaun or Hot Fuzz, but I remember feeling like that about the latter. Now, after many many many more viewings, I even think I prefer Hot Fuzz. I believe that after seeing it a few more times, taking in all the amazing details I inevitably missed, remember the quotes that I know made laugh but that I can't remember now....then I'll love it. 

Naturally, our first reaction after we left the cinema was to look at each other and say..."pub?" Nice little place just round the corner, where I had intended to drink a pint as the film almost demanded I do. However, I went up to the bar and they were serving....pints of Pimms! Amazing! Bloody love Pimms! And in a pint glass?! Sold!




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