Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 172 - Natalie & Mark

22nd June 2013

Occasionally I have the great pleasure of working with my brother at a wedding as a second shooter. I absolutely love doing it, it's like when I go to life drawing, there's no room to be worrying about anything else while you're there. You're there looking for the moments people want to remember, and finding the best way to record it. These are the days that make me remember how much I love photography, what a wonderful use it can be put to, and how happy it can make people.

What made this wedding extra nice is that I knew the bride, Natalie, at school, we got the bus home together, and I have some half memories of her and Mark getting together. She looked absolutely beautiful, exactly what comes to mind when you think of a bride, and the grins on her and Mark's faces were wonderful to see.

What made this wedding extra strange was having my right arm out of action. As the day wore on I got more used to using just one hand, though craning my hand right round the camera to get to the shutter button was not ideal. At points I thought I'd have to hold it upside down, but it was just about bearable. There were probably more portrait shots than I would usually go for, but needs must eh?

Fantastic day all round. Working with Stu is always fun, referring to him as my colleague is amusing, and I always take my opportunity to watch him and see what I can learn from him. Thanks bro, you rock!




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