Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 210 - Sherbert Filled Wafer Discs

1st August 2013

Many moons ago, Ally used to turn up at my house weekends and after school on what were called houseraids. She'd appear, we'd eat noodles and j2o, and occasionally get some Sherbert Filled Wafer Discs.

Once we'd been in the Co-op buying ourselves some supplies. We noticed that Flying Saucers were described as Sherbert Filled Wafer Discs on the back of the packet. That day changed our lives. There was some sort of song written with the name...any kind of sweets were never the same unless they had a similarly pedantic name.

I saw these in Poundland today. Not only could I not resist taking a photo, but I had to buy them too.

Mmmm, Sherbert Filled Wafer Discs.



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