Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 119 - Minibeast


29th April 2013

This term at school the kids are learning about Minibeasts, aka, spiders, ladybirds, worms, caterpillars etc. We have a little 'bug hotel' outside, some wooden pallets where we have a whole load of bugs and creepy crawlies. 

This morning we headed out into the garden to find some more, and the class found this little guy, who came inside for a short period. The kids went either crazy with excitement, crazy with fear or stayed their own version of crazy. When he was hopping around and they were all screaming we said to them "Don't worry, he won't hurt you, he's just taking a look at everyone, wondering who all these children are" This lead a particularly amusing boy to introduce himself to Mr. Hoppy, as he had been christened. 

After getting a little too hoppy, and causing slightly too much hysteria it was my job to take him back to his happier outside spot. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting us Mr. Hoppy, thought I won't be offended if you weren't. They were a bit screamy. 



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