Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 95 - Dublin

5th April 2013

First things first - Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa! 38 years married today, that's pretty special. Love you both so so much!

So today, after Claire ran a couple of errands and we had a brilliant brunch we got in the car and zoomed off down to Dublin for the regattta the next day.

This was my first visit to Ireland itself. My apologies to Grandad John, who makes me Irish and the Murphy that I am. But I made it there! Finally! And one day I'll get down to Waterford and see your hometown, promise.

Our hotel was wonderfully kitsch. We checked in, waited for the boys to turn up and headed into town for food. We wandered around Temple Bar looking for a Mongolian BBQ Claire had told us about, found it and found its hour waiting time too. So we looked elsewhere, and ended up in Hard Rock Café. I had some beautiful Bruschetta and a pretty amazing burger, that I would not turn down if someone happened to bring me another. Just Saying.

We were squashed into a taxi home, ready for another early start..



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