Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 116 - Fondue

26th April 2013

Nich made me a very happy woman tonight. She made fondue. Drool town FC. 

I don't eat cheese fondue overly regularly. It's been twice in the last year and that's probably the most in about ten years, but that does not stop it being one of my favourite creations mankind has presented me with. 

"It's dipping stuff in hot cheese, what's not to love?" Damn straight Lily.

I headed down to Nich's and from there into town for to buy cheese and bread. We had a few moments debating which cheese to buy, that stuff is expensive yo. Eventually we came to the conclusion that as cheese was the main constituent of the meal to scrimp on it would not be great and plumped for the massive block of Cathedral City. Thanks to my eagle eyes we spotted a better deal on this later. Boom. 

Mere minutes after arriving back at Nich's we realised that we had no meths for the fondue...damn. Not sure if Tesco would have it I called my mum for advice on where to buy some, who suggested the petrol station. This being far too far away we settled on using two tealights. Not ideal, but the cheese was already melted, it was more keeping it vaguely liquid. It would do. 

Nich started preparing, Shreena arrived.

Nich has misremembered her mum's quantities and said we need a litre of wine. I thought it was a lot, but I do not question the cook. We had a fair bit leftover. Had.

It was not long before we were settled down to an absolutely delicious meal. Apparently this wasn't the best that the wife has prepared, can't wait for the best, I've barely stopped thinking about it since.

Mrs. Punwasi displaying joy at cheese.
I absolutely and completely highly enjoyed my dinner. I am having a bit of a love affair with pastrami at the moment and there was plenty of that. My other current obsession - jalapeños - was sadly lacking, but I can forgive her that.

Just giving you a better view of the delicious cheesy goodness. There were vegetables too.
After eating ourselves into oblivion we sat still and moaned for a little while, talking about how we would never eat again etc. A short while later we were at Tesco deciding which ice creams we wanted. It took a bit of deciding and a back and forth to another shop, but we settled on Mars Ice Creams. Delish.

We settled down with an ice cream apiece, and a film I'm having trouble remembering the name of. The Change Up. That took a Google. It's a Freaky Friday style story, but so definitely for grown ups, from Hangover people I believe? We watched the unrated version, and it was rude. Tut. 

I headed home with a happy cheese and wine belly. Thanks Nich and Shreena for a perfectly satisfactory evening. Kudos.



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  1. I'm pretty sure I told you pint and you said litre so I entirely blame that one on you. :-P


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