Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 91 - Soup

1st April 2013

It's April, what gives?

I did not feel terrible today. I got up expecting the usual hordes staying in our front room, but in reality there were only two extra, wha? This is not usual. We had prepared for lots more. We had 32 slices of bacon in the fridge ready for sandwiches. Really this was a pretty big win for us, I had a lot of bacon.

We spent the day in the front room in pyjamas watching You Tube clips. These ranged from the standard - people hurting themselves, to the excellent - cats being hilarious, to the nostalgic - theme tunes to kids tv shows. This was the best part of the day for me. We'd sit watching something, talk about it for awhile, then someone would shout out another show to watch.

The result of this was that I had Run With Us in my head for the rest of the day. And by finding that link I now have it playing and will have it in my head once again.

Tom came up trumps once again as chef in the house, and made this most amazing soup. This was so exactly what I wanted and needed for today, and it was so delicious. The cornichons...oh my days. I could eat them for hours as it is, but in this soup it was...there are no words.

A good day with good friends and good soup. Happy April!



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