Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 97 - Happy Holi!

7th April 2013

Our original plan was to go home on Sunday morning, as it was Claire's Grandad's birthday. Unfortunately I let Lynsey be in charge of something, rookie error, and our flights back were booked for Monday morning instead.

As it happens, it turned out very nicely indeed. We found a cheap hotel for Sunday night, dumped our stuff and went for a wander round Belfast.

We had some delicious food at Bubbacue and then headed over to the Festival of Colour happening in town. I didn't realise it was about Holi, really wish we'd been prepared with clothes we didn't like. But we weren't, and in a way it was much better, cause it meant I could take loads of pictures of people rather than try desperately to protect my camera the whole time. 

These were taken at the exit from the 'colour pit', and here everyone was happy and laughing and enjoying themselves. About 5 metres away from that everyone had turned into zombies, staggering out of the infection tent. 

We watched for a little while, got some Henna designs, cause they were too pretty, and found a bar for dinner and some wine.

Milk and extra teabags picked up, the decision was made to go back for an early and relaxing night. We got in, made a fair few cups of tea each and watched QI for the evening, whilst rearranging everything in our bags to fit. Excellent evening.



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