Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 117 - Ladies about town

27th April 2013

Today's picture has little to nothing to do with my day. I was spending nearly the whole day out, but in pubs and bars and I didn't want my camera anywhere near that. I know my luck, and I'm not risking that. Occasionally out at the pub, but not on a night out. I'm not that silly. So just before I left I took a picture of my chair and everything that was happening to it. We have wrapping paper I was taking to Nich, hairspray I was taking to Nich, sellotape I was taking to Nich, post I was taking to Nich, (pattern, pshaw), my bag, my coat, and a Horrible Histories book Tom had just found under my old bed. Bloody love Horrible Histories, I'm sure you can see how battered that book is. Well read.

For my third day spent with Nich, blimey this relationship has become rather close quarters back off woman, we were heading into Clapham for some drinks with her friend Isobel from Paris. I enjoy Isobel, so this was a good thing. Our timing wasn't the greatest, so we didn't actually get to see a whole huge amount of her before they headed off for Nandos and a different drinkery. We had to finish up our drinks and get ourselves back into Central for drinks for Nich's sister Fiona's birthday.

The place was nice and made some awesome cocktails. We had a really lovely waiter who was very kind about me accidentally knocking a tray with Nich's drink in it out of his hand. I was trying to bring my hand up to steady my drink as I took it from him, not realising said head was directly under the tray. Oops. As I said to Nich at the time, at least it was hers which was gin and other clearer spirits as opposed to mine which was bright red and fruity and would have stained everything. Ahem. After many profuse apologies on my part he informed me that it was ok because the bartender had got him to try the one the replaced it with. Or something. All good.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, but only had a couple of drinks. Very tasty but very expensive. Eep. Fi ended having to leave pretty early to catch her train home, so we turned our thoughts to what we should do next, it only being twenty to eleven.

We tried badgering friends to join us, including Shreena. Our line "It's not 2am yet, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN BEFORE 2AM" didn't work. Pah. Marrieds. We briefly considered heading back to Clapham, but decided that was too much of a commitment to a big night out, getting home from Oxford Street is enough of a mission.

So was ambled to the tube, thinking we'd just get a drink at a pub when we arrived in Ealing. After being sat down for a short while I had that moment where I thought I saw Clare. You spot them, you narrow your eyes and lean out, trying not to be obvious cause if it isn't, that's embarrassing. As I said to my good lady wife "'I think that might be Clare...." she turned and it was, yay!!

She came and joined us and was going to join us wherever we found a drink, double yay!

Minus all the yays. We got to Ealing and wandered around for a little while trying to find somewhere to get a drink and it was apparently impossible. Come on London. Come on. We are youths. Well some of us (EYOOOOO), and we want to have a fun night! Pick up the pace, step up your game Ealing. Pah.

We wended our ways home after a fun if not entirely mental night. I had a cup of tea and went to bed. Rock and roll.



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