Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 113 - Hello?

23rd April 2013

I've bought too many phone cases this past year. Two phones stolen along with their cases, two cases broken. I put up with my last one for an age, despite the cracks catching any hint of a loose thread/my finger any chance they could.

I just find it an entirely annoying thing to have to do. I drop my phone too much to not have a case, but buying one is not my scene. Don't want to spend a fortune, but if you even glimpse in the general direction of a stall selling them you know you'll have someone staring you down until you buy something and I just don't cope well in that kind of situation.

I decided to bank on where I got my last one, a little shop next to Ealing Broadway. I walked in, straight to the cases, flicked through, found one that worked for me and was in and out in 2 minutes.

Apparently I have a theme. The last one said hello too. You never want to be caught out without a hint of how to start a conversation. Just good sense.



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