Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 96 - Regatta

6th April 2013

Another early start, though late by our previous standards, 6:30am, we were up bright and early to head down to breakfast. This was delicious, I haven't had porridge I enjoyed that much since I was a little girl eating it in my Postman Pat apron and watching Big Breakfast. 

We headed down to the river where we shivered on the banks for awhile. There was a point when I genuinely could not feel my feet, bad shoe choice Murphy. But it wasn't too long before we got to cheer Claire and Belfast Rowing Club on, like the absolute champs that they are. 

After watching a couple of races Lynsey and I headed back into town to have a wee wander. We quickly wandered into the Guinness Storehouse, another attraction I would definitely recommend if you're in Dublin.

We had a long walk around learning about how they made the stuff, and eventually were given a small sample. Luckily for us, this was just the beginning. Our ticket entitled us to another free pint in a bar overlooking the whole of Dublin. Pretty special. But nowhere to sit and maaaaan were my dogs barking. 


This is Frank. He is a tea cup.

Another short jaunt around the centre of town, and we jumped on a bus back to Claire, in time to see the boys win another race, yay! They packed up, got their medals and we zoomed back up to Belfast and pizza. Mmmm. We half wanted to go somewhere to celebrate the wins, but the lure of pyjamas was just too strong.




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