Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 115 - UnQuiz Night

25th April 2013

Thursday is quiz night in Ealing. We've yet to settle on one that suits us. A couple of weeks ago we tried out The Haven Arms, the pub next door to Nich and Ben, and came second. But this was because it was pretty easy. I maintain we should have got extra points for spelling Mr. Benn correctly, whereas the winning team didn't. Whatever, we got maltesers.

There's another quiz at The Grange, a pub we all highly enjoy, but apparently the calibre is much higher there, and we'd probably feel like the dunces of the place. It's a tough choice. We've not tried it yet, but one day soon I'm sure.

This week we had expected to go to the pub but when it came down to it the only people even vaguely available were Nich, Ben and myself. So they came over to the flat, bringing me jelly, and we did our own quiz. Ish. Well, I googled pub quiz and found a website. Actually turned out to be more fun than the pub ever could have been.

Originally I got them to make a buzzy noise when they wanted to answer, Ben soon found a soundboard, and we followed after. Brilliant. Nich's was Arnie, which was just perfect.

"I'm gonna ask you a bunch of questions...and I want them answered immediately"


There was one point where Nich and I were crying with laughter, actually crying, thinking about someone being from 'The first wave of fashion'. This will definitely not translate, but oh man...the thoughts ranged from Eve saying to Adam "ooh, hark at you with your leaves" to "they're calling it a ruff". Amazing. Somewhere in there the phrase "Clutching a barrel" happened, and we were messes. Absolute messes. Even the image now of us pretend to clutch a barrel makes me laugh. Good times.

After they left I looked out the window and spotted the lovely moon. This is the best picture I could get, I cannot find my tripod for the life of me - I fear it lost at uni - so I had to do my best with the window ledge.



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