Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 103 - Housewarming at the Flood's

13th April 2013

This weekend some friends and I headed over to Reading to visit Sam in her new pad. It was to be a girls night out and we made sure it had that flavour from the off. We picked up Clare (note the absence of an i. This is a different person from Claire - Belfast) and headed off on our drive over. Clare was DJ this time, and after shuffling for awhile we settled on Abba's Greatest Hits - perfect soundtrack to the start our our weekend.

We arrived in Reading and found the house with ease, but parking was a whole different kettle of annoying. She very selfishly lives on a tiny little road with little to no parking, with barely enough room for a car to park and a car to pass. The first time round was assessing the situation. Next time round we had decided to park elsewhere and unload outside the house, however there was another car right up behind me so I drove on, only for said car to stop on the road for long enough that we could have offloaded. Round once more, and I was finally able to get them and the things out of the car and go off and park. I ended up going round twice more later, I had to move the car so we decided we'd collect another arrival at the same time, but Sam wasn't as au fait with the one way system as she once was, and then later hadn't realised another part was in fact no entry. I got to know that particular circuit very well. 

Isn't she lovely...?

Car finally moved and arrivals all...arrived...we had another go at the cocktail we had started making earlier. It promised to be fantastic, a sort of daiquiri deliciousness. Unfortunately the ice was in blocked not crushed and that was our downfall. We had started to concoct it earlier and ended up having to leave it for awhile to melt so that the blender could do its job. 

It eventually did, and we had fantastic looking cocktails, as today's picture proves. They may need some refinement, but they certainly were tasty. 

After a speedy change we headed into town for a nice little Pizza Express meal, courtesy of Clubcard Vouchers. Yum. 

We stopped at a bar called The Purple Turtle which was fairly quiet. Downstairs they were playing more of the "Doosh Doosh" variety of music, so we all amused ourselves by doing various inappropriate dances, including the Macarena, Irish Dancing and Line Dancing. Amused. 

Thoroughly ready to get psyched, our final destination was After Dark, on an 80s night. We arrived and it was dead. Not the best, we'd already paid to get in, and put coats away. Never ones to give up, we decided that we would make this night amazing, no matter what. 

A short while later we were on the floor dancing to Oops Upside Your Head. Suddenly, it seemed, we were dancing in a tiny corner of a crowded dancefloor and it was brilliant. Amazing.

A painful walk home, seriously we do we do heels to ourselves, and some McCoys later, we were tucked up in various things representing beds for the evening. 

Excellent night girls, can't wait for the next one!



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