Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 100 - Back to Pogles III

10th April 2013

Once again, I got up and jumped in Bertha for the drive down to Kent. Happily for me I was driving after the rush hour and before lunch, so it took almost exactly the hour and a half I expect. Boom.

I was heading down for a chance to see my brother and his darling family alongside my sister and her darling family. As it happened my Aunt and Uncle were visiting from Scotland so it was a nice big family catch up in the end.

Seeing all the babies together makes me so happy, I can never grasp that these are the same little babies from so few years ago. One will be informing me of facts about Horned Lizards, another will be guiding her little sister into playing more gently with their baby cousin, that little sister will want to give endless hugs and kisses to the baby cousin, and baby cousin is adoring the attention and lapping it up. 

This is my brother, Stu, guiding the next generation of photographers. The photo Susie took was lovely, a mix of natural talent and a beautiful subject. I'm not sure if I like this photo, what do you think? It has this weird soft focus as I was using an FD lens on my EOS camera, so have to use an adapter. This works fairly well, but I can't get the aperture right down to 1.4 without this soft focus happening, same if the lock on the adapter gets knocked even slightly out of position. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I feel like it looks a bit too old film fake... Let me know if you have any strong opinions either way. Or any opinions, I'm not picky.

The photo I chose for today is my wonderful Papa, he's actually watching Susie clamber around and try and give Keira hugs and kisses. He is an utterly fantastic Grandad, thoughtfully providing both facial hair and glasses for grandchildren to pull on and grab, as well as outstanding hugs - these I can vouch for myself. I wonder at what point the kids will stop finding it funny when I talk about Grandad as my Dad or join in a hug. I hope never.



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  1. I reckon the soft focus will sometimes lead to some interesting shots like this one. I occasionally miss having those soft focus shots now I have AF on all the time!


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