Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 98 - Home again

8th April 2013

Once again, a nice early start. We got up at 6, ready to go get a massive breakfast at 6:30. We really made what we could of the all you can eat, fry up, toast, crumpets, porridge. The tea left a lot to be desired. But there was a lot of it, and we were able to take Claire a little goodie bag.

Claire collected and deposited us at the airport because she is a diamond. Already miss her so much!!! I am really hoping we can get her back over here again soon, as this visit felt like no time at all, we didn't drink nearly enough tea.

Upon arrival we thought we saw a sign saying that Easyjet were looking for volunteers to put their hand luggage in the hold. So we thought we'd double check the size of our bags, to be safe. Lucky we did, because Easyjet are ridiculous and our bags that made it out couldn't go back. We retrieved our handbags from the depths and were able to check our luggage for free. Win!

Another wander round an airport and flight later, we arrived at London. The downside to our free luggage check in was waiting for it at reclaim. Dull. Otherwise, our timing was perfect on many occasions - got to the lifts as they were about to go, the shuttle moments before it left, our train to London with time to spare, but no wait. Quite satisfactory.

Our ways parted at Green Park, Lynsey headed to work and I headed home.

Long day, amazing week. Thank you so much Claire for having us over and taking us to Dublin and showing us your amazing muscles, rawr. Really really hope you're able to come back over soon :-)



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