Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 86 - Packing for Pogles

27th March 2013

Day before the last day of term. It being a half day on the last day, I'm driving straight back down to Kent after I finish work to avoid the Easter and Bank Holiday rush. This means packing the night before.

This last week has been exhausting at work. The weather being so ridiculous means that the kids haven't been going outside for long at all, so they go absolutely insane being indoors all day. I'm ready for home comforts, and seeing my babies and my memory foam bed.

Today was eerily similar to yesterday in regards to remembering far too late that I had a photo to take. I am a terrible/amazing procrastinator, depending on whether you think this is a good or bad trait. Point is, I procrastinate. I got home from work and thought "Right, let's get packed" and then instantly decided I should prepare myself for this by having a cup of tea and a sit down. It ended up being quite late by the time my bag was packed and ready to go.

The important things were in there, slippers, laptop. Um. Other clothes and stuff I guess. Pyjamas. The holiest of holies.

I'm almost at the holidays guys - that's when the exciting stuff happens. For now, take the short post and appreciate it.



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